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Take advantage of executive search consulting tailored to international companies in Japan. Global Consulting Company has expert headhunters and career consultants for companies with a subsidiary or a planned one in Japan, the third largest economy in the world. We'll help you succeed in one of the world's toughest marketplaces. We have proven results with Global 2,000 Companies, SMEs, and startups.

Our Services

At what we call service initiation, we discuss your needs and seek information about position, role, and responsibilities. Skill requirements and your company's culture and work dynamics are also considered.

We do a network and database search to find acceptable candidates with the proper skills to meet your requirements. Complete resume screening is also done to identify candidates appropriate for interviewing.

You'll benefit from our in-person job candidate interviews and screening. References and documents are also checked.

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Our Recommendations

Finally, our assessment overviews provide a summary of the recommended candidates. This service includes an overview of background, skills, attributes, and suitability. We rank candidates by most-suited, for your consideration.